High Intensity Training: Hammer Through It!


Benefit of High Intensity Workout


Have a Beast Body:
Like many of us, just showing up at the gym and doing our usual routine is typically how it goes.  But new studies have proven that by pushing yourself a little harder at a workout will allow you to reach your goals faster and even your daily living activities will become easier.  Try to push yourself to that winded point at least once a week to reap these benefits.  There are many ways to incorporate high intensity workouts based on your exercise ability.

I know from personal experience it can certainly be challenging to push yourself to that next level.  We all get in that comfort zone and maintain that steady, easy going pace we have become accustomed to.  Many treadmill workouts are great for incorporating a high intensity workout.  And a high intensity workout on the dreaded treadmill can be an excellent way to get you down on the treadmill and your workout done in a short period of time instead of doing your usual run.

There are also numerous ways to incorporate a high intensity workout if you are running outside.  You can focus on running as fast as you can to a designated tree, street lamp or post to incorporate your speed work.  You can also run for a period of time and then stop and incorporate some burpees or squats and catch your breath and run for a period of time and repeat.  Or the high school track is also a great place for speed work.  Break it up and utilize the different options to incorporate a high intensity workout.

Commit to adding a high intensity workout at least once a week to your workout routine.  Moving faster during your workouts will give you more energy and it will also help you lose weight.  It can also provide you with that extra energy you need to pick up the pace at the finish line.  These workouts maximize calorie burn and increase your metabolism for hours after you finish.  And the benefits don’t stop there as alternating between bursts of heart pumping work and short recovery periods is what best burns belly fat and builds endurance.

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