Kiteboarder At Large

About Me


My friends call me Polliwog. I love kite boarding at fitness and overall improving. Thanks for visiting my blog. I live on the East Coast to love the kite all up and down Florida and up into the Carolinas. The only place I haven’t gotten up to is the Outer Banks. Hopefully I’ll make that happen in the next couple of years. Have to say my overall favorite place to kite board is Islamorada Florida. Cut it in Costa Rica and I have friends that are kited in places like Vietnam. Everybody agrees that Islamorada is world-class kite boarding at its best. Are usually go out it Whale Harbor.

I have to say that my favorite track over there is jumping in it will Harbor Inn doing a downwind or to Ann’s Beach.

It’s just badass. I love every moment of it. Especially if you can time the tides right you’re in for a real treat.

If the wind is the right direction and has a lot of North and it you can really have a lot of fun at the hedges well. The hedge I want to say is probably a little over halfway down. And there’s a deep water canal right along hedge so if you do some big jumps you don’t have to worry about landing in a foot of water. Well… That depends on how big the jump was, wink.

Stick around and hopefully you’ll find some cool stuff for my site. I get a chance I’ll do some product reviews and tell you about the products I love the most.