What does Kiteboarding have to do with Fitness?

Kiteboarding and Fitness:

If you want to get seriously fit, I highly recommend this sport. The reason is because I watched my own transformation and I know it’s true. I remember when my brother and I just started out. He was pretty overweight and I think one of the reasons why you lose a bunch right away when you start kite boarding is simply because you have to walk with the constant tension of the kite because you don’t know how to stay upwind at that point.

Do you get my drift? LOL

It’s Basically when you’re starting out you are always going with the wind so you’re always losing ground. This makes you get out of the water and walk back up to where you started the only problem is is that you have a kite the size of an RV that’s pulling you while you’re walking and if you’re not good at steering it hey can definitely put some tension in your lines make you have to resist It in order to walk appropriately.

I got the kite a couple days ago it was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately the wind was a little off so I was losing ground and was having a bit of a time trying to stay upwind.

Once I decided to take a little bit more aggressive action and I moved out farther off sure the wind got a lot better. I was able to kite for an hour with unbelievable results. Can’t boarding involves attaching yourself to a steerable kite.

Then the rider has a choice of either riding a surfboard or a wakeboard style board made specifically for kite boarding. The reason that the or needs to be the right one for kite boarding is because the wakeboards for example or different or at least shaped differently then the ones for real wake boarding. There’s more rocker to it. Well less rocker for kite boarders.

What do I mean by rocker? I mean the curve in the board. It simply is flatter for kite boarders because there is a much more need to be a rely on the edge of the board in order to maneuver. This becomes critical when you’re trying to ride up wind. Seasoned kite boarders know that if you have a lot of rocker to your board it will be harder to kite upwind.

Overall the scene in kite boarding is pretty chill. We were all beginners at one point and so most people are more than willing to help newbies out.

The only recommendation that I can make this don’t ask her thousand questions while a kite border has his kite up in the air. Not only is this dangerous but it’s just not advised. I’ve heard too many stories of people that have been talking to somebody with their kite up in the air and suddenly lose control of the kite and get dragged down the beach. One story and I comes to mind is one a friend told me.

He said he was standing on shore with his kite and was talking to somebody.

Some how while he was discussing something with the person sitting in front of them another tribe order started a conversation behind him with another person. Either one were really paying attention to the kites and unfortunately the kites became intertwined.

We often joke that if we have this type of situation we always want to be the first person to eject. The reason for this is as soon as the first kite goes and goes out of control. The second kite border is in for a rude I mean really rude awakening.

Above all else it is really important to make sure that you’re paying attention to safety when it comes to the sport. It is a high-energy high-impact sport. It is an extreme sport and you shouldn’t underestimate it. I remember the first time I underestimated the sport and it really kicked my ass. I ended up in an ambulance. That’s a story for another day, But my point is that you need to pay attention to what you were doing a matter how good you get.

Most deaths in the sport are related to people taking their ability for granted.

What about the gear?

There’re a lot of manufacturers out there now that produce quite a bit of food gear. I remember when I started there were some fly-by-night companies that are no longer in existence making deals and selling kite boarding gear. Hi did up on the hardest gear that you can imagine buying. So, I recommend going with one of the main companies out there producing kites and kite boarding equipment.

Here is a list:

  • Cabrinha
  • Slingshot
  • North
  • Best
  • GK
  • Epic

this is a small list of the top manufacturers that I think of immediately when somebody asks me about kite boarding equipment. There’re many more, but these are the ones that I trust. My favorite above all else is the Cabrinha.

I don’t really have a huge preference when it comes to boards. I can ride pretty much any board. I think it just takes a little time to get used to a new one.

Man I think the final piece that I probably shouldn’t mention is the harness. When it comes the harnesses, I used to use a waste harness. Unfortunately it really aggravated my herniated discs in my back so I ended up going to board shorts. The board short harness is good but there’s not a whole lot of support so I eventually ended up having to Break down and get a diaper. Well, I call it the diaper. It’s a Seat harness. I think they look like diapers when people wear them on the beach. They’re pretty ugly but when it comes to being a little walk the next day I definitely appreciate the value that I get out of it.


These days I really try to stay in shape in order to be of the kite board. The problem is is you definitely need strong core muscles in order to kite well if you have any type of injury like I do. I do for cross fit on the side to ensure that I’m ready for the water anytime the wind is blowing.

All of the core moves are essential in my mind because when you get into the more danced kite boarding skills like jumping and Power moves then you’ll definitely need to have strong core muscles. I wouldn’t say that you need a whole lot of arm strength because the arms are really just about finesse.

Also make sure that your legs are strong because especially if you tack on downwinders you may find yourself spending a lot of time on one leg. I feel like 80% of the weight is on your back leg when you’re kind morning. You need to make sure that your quads are strong otherwise your leg will do nothing but burn the whole time you’re kiting.

And That is why I recommend CrossFit because I know that if you become an athlete through that process you’ll be ready for anything that Kay boarding can throw at you. If you’re in shape then your time on the water is going be a whole lot more fun. Make sure that your cardio is strong too because Believe it or not it can take a lot out of you.